Supalite SupaScoota- Opening  your opportunities to be independent.
Weighing only 13.6kg without the seat and battery.
New innovative design – Strong, affordable, durable, comfortable ride, easy to use.
Excellent indoor and outdoor manouverability.
Carry capacity – 120kg
Free travel on planes, cruises and trains. Fits easily into a small car and tiny spaces.
Test drive today with a free home demonstration.

SupaScoota – Putting the joy back into your journey.

Specifications of the SupaLite Single Motor SupaScoota:

Number of Wheels: 3

Wheel Size:
Front – 200mm x 65mm (8 x 2.5″)
Rear – 200mm x 65mm (8 x 2.5″)

Length: 970 mm (38″)

Width: 570 mm (22.4″)

Ground Clearance: 50mm (2″)

Max Loading: 120kg (264.5 lbs) on level ground

Turn Radius: 780 mm (31″)

Motor Output: 1 x 260W

Transmission: Worm Drive Gearbox

Reverse: Forward/Reverse Switch

Brakes: Dynamic Braking & Electromagnetic Brake

Battery: (Lithium) 24V 11.6ah 

Charger: (Lithium battery) On/Off board 24 volt 2 amp. 110V to 240V charger

Max Speed: 6.5 kph (4 mph) (2 speed choice – Indoor/Outdoor speed control)

Slope Grade Ability: 9 Degrees with120kg (260 lbs) load. 12 Degrees with 100kg (220 lbs) load

Travel Distance: Up to 13 km (8 miles) with standard Lithium battery

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  • SupaLite Single Motor SupaScoota
  • $4195
  • New Innovative Design
  • Lite Weight Traveller