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Wheels on the base allow you to easily move the device - POA

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Real Time Data: Speed, Resistance, Muscle Tension and other training data is displayed and adjusted in real time. Immediate Feedback: All training results and rehabilitation data is displayed immediately after the session.

Perfect for treatment of: Strokes, Skull & Brain Trauma, Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Paresis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular disease such as muscular dystrophy, Cardio-vascular problems, Arthritis & Osteoarthritis, as well as other problems leading to Hypokinesia.

Optional soft gloves safely protect the upper and lower limbs whilst using the device.

  • 8" Full Colour Touch Screen. Intuitive display and accurate operation.
  • High performance servo motors ensure smooth operation.
  • Wheels on the base allow you to easily move the device.
  • Four Training Modes: Passive, Assisted, Active & Constant Speed Training
  • Spasm recognition: Intelligent spasm setting, identification and protection system for safe training.
  • Symmetrical Training: To achieve visualisation training of left and right muscle strength, to guide bilateral balance of muscle strength and enhance coordination.
  • Game Training: Enhance the fun of training and improve the initiative of users.

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